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A run on the lake in 60 degree weather, a round of Jenga with on Luna Bell, a full to the the brim Thanksgiving table.

Not pictured: a trip to the Kristkindlmart for spiced wine and strudel, a festive holiday kickoff meal at RPM Italian, some solid Michigan Avenue shopping and time with people I love, love, love.

I can’t remember a more enjoyable Thanksgiving. Thursday and Friday were busy in the best possible way with my parents while Saturday and Sunday were met with zero plans. Christmas cards? Ordered. Laundry? 100% done. December social calendar? Nearly planned.

When I thought of writing the typical “things I am grateful for” blog post, it didn’t feel necessary. In the last few months, I’ve gotten very clear about what I want for my life, what I want in my life. This weekend had quite a few of those “I can’t believe this is my life” moments so I suppose there’s not so much a list as there is a word: grateful. All day, every day.

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