Grandma Ida’s Potatoes

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I hosted a dinner party for 6 on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. Actually, it was more of an excuse to spend time with people we love, drink good wine and eat good food. Chianti braised short ribs, roasted chicken, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, stuffed shells and Grandma Ida’s Potatoes were on the menu, with MORE cupcakes for dessert. All were dishes that baked so everything was very make-ahead, no muss, no fuss. Ryan and I even snuck down to Pops for Champagne for a cocktail 2 hours before our guests arrived.

The easiest and my favorite of what we served was Grandma Ida’s Potatoes. This dish has been made in my family for as long as I can remember and is always what I request for my birthday dinner. It’s not fancy, it’s about as basic as meals come actually but it’s good. There’s just something about tradition that is comforting, especially as the temperatures drop and the holidays draw near. Oddly enough, Grandma Ida wasn’t my grandma. She was an aunt. I don’t even know if she was my aunt even. Someone’s aunt. Anyways.

Recipe for Grandma Aunt Ida’s Potatoes:

Slice 5 large potatoes half an inch thick. Do the same with 4 zucchini. Layer them in a glass baking dish, cover with a jar of tomato sauce and bake for 3+ hours, the longer the best. Serve with warm Italian bread.


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