Golden Globes

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Award season- the time of year I sit on my couch with wine and chips & salsa, having a ton of opinions about people I don’t know and throwing serious shade about fashion…while I myself am wearing stretch pants and unwashed hair.

While we’re at it, my opinions about the Golden Globes are as follows:

-Barefoot while holding Louboutins and drinking a dirty martini- Emma Thompson is my spirit animal.

-Tina & Amy: this is the best you’ve ever looked, thank you for being smart, funny, beautiful women on TV.

-If you don’t have anything nice to say, you can come sit by me…in the case of the Golden Globes, that means Jennifer Lawrence. Girl gives zero fucks and I would love to hear her side comments.

-Margot Robbie nailed it, her Gucci is my best dressed pick.

-Amy Adams’ hair in American Hustle deserved its own award.

-Sandra Bullock from the waist up was perfection.

-Kate Beckinsale just knows what she’s doing…and so does her plastic surgeon. His work is flawless, seriously.

-and finally, Emma Watson’s business in front, party in back…I dig it and it reminds me that confidence is the best accessory.

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  1. andthenibegan

    hold on a sec…you just crushed it on your recap here. We could all use a little more Jennifer Lawrence, bigger hair for no good reason, and a tina to our amy or vice versa. Two thumbs up : )

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