Giving Thanks Week 14

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91. Quotes Whether scribbled on a chalkboard outside of a yoga studio (like this one), printed on a card, spray painted on the side of a building, a good quote always gives me something to think about.


92. Art I love art and art museums and we are so lucky to have the Art Institute in Chicago. The Picasso exhibit that’s there right now is amazing and I cannot get enough of the Chagall windows.


93. Kale. In my salads, in my juice, in place of pasta, kale chips…I cannot get enough of kale. Nutritional. Powerhouse.


94. Spending time with my mom. I loved having her for a visit this weekend and I think we both super loved our dinner at The Pump Room.


95. Hitting the Home Goods jackpot. Often times, I go in and find nothing. But sometimes, I score. Like this table for the porch- it looks like this summer, we won’t have to balance plates/books/drinks on our laps!

96. Yoga. I’ve been practicing for almost 4 years and every time I step on my mat, I am reminded of the good it’s done for every aspect of my life.

97. A good night’s sleep. Not to be underestimated.

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