Giving Thanks Week 13

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84. Fresh air in my lungs. I got out for a run every day this weekend and I don’t know if it was the warmer temps or the extra miles but man…every deep breath felt so good.


85. Saturday mornings. Finishing up work that’s spilling over into the weekend, drinking coffee (out of real cups!), people watching, reading the news…getting up and out on Saturday mornings has sort of become our thing and I love that time.


86. Signs of Spring. Finally.


87. Game night.


88. Holiday tradition. We went to Wave at The W for brunch but I couldn’t help it- it isn’t Easter without making deviled eggs!

89. A new month. It’s minor but I super love seeing my Outlook calendar flip to a fresh new month.

90. Vacation time. I haven’t taken any yet but just knowing my yearly reserve is there and available for, well, anything really, is for me both representative of security and possibility

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