Giving Thanks Week 12

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77. Naps. Nothing like a nap to make you feel like a brand new person.


78. Organization. Call it spring cleaning or whatever but not being able to find anything is the pits. A trip to the Triple B and $16 (!?!) later, our closets are in tip top shape.


79. A game of pick-up I passed this group of kids in the park last week and they were having so much fun. Like, out of their minds, high-fiving, laughing, hugging fun. It just reminds you that all you need to have a blast is a ball, your friends and ability to be 100% in the moment.


80. A fresh manicure and bubbles. My favorite Friday treat.


81. Tournament Food. Turkey & chicken meatball subs, homemade sauce and roasted sweet potato, quinoa and arugula salad. My bracket may be busted but I won in the kitchen this weekend.

82. 10 day forecasts. We’re breaking the 50 degree mark!

83. Grace.

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