Game over, Batman

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I saw The Avengers and liked it.

The new Spiderman? Loved it.

So, I thought that maybe the next comic book blockbuster under my belt would be The Dark Knight Rises.

Then I read this in the Chicago Trib’s review:

Now comes “The Dark Knight Rises,” which makes “The Dark Knight” look like “Dora the Explorer” and is more of a 164-minute anxiety disorder than a movie.

Annnnddd I’m out.

You see, I watched “The Dark Knight” the night Ryan and I moved in together, over 2 years ago. I made it about 40 minutes in, then locked myself in our bedroom and couldn’t walk under Wacker Drive for about 6 weeks. Violence scares me but violence depicted in my city? Game over, Batman.

And I am sure that night Ryan was super glad he chose to move in with me…


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