Fresh Produce and Fresh Babies

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My darling friend Kate brought a darling baby boy into the world 2 weeks ago.  I met the little guy this week and whoa, he is a cool kid.  He was all snuggly and sweet and made these little dinosaur noises to let us know that he was indeed in on the conversation as we made a Starbucks run and quick trip through the Andersonville Farmer’s Market.

Here’s the thing: Kate is my first friend to have a baby.  We work together so I saw everyday as her little man grew and got ready to make his appearance.  I saw how much Kate and her husband wanted him and loved him and how with his coming into the world, Jackson was making their family whole in a totally amazing and right way.

I’ve always been pretty indifferent on having children- we know we will but in a “How about 10 years from now?” kind of way.  And while that still won’t be happening for quite some time, Kate and her positively perfect baby boy did open my eyes to how amazing and fun that time period in our life is going to be when it is right for us.  And in the meantime, I get to watch one of my favorite people in the world absolutely glow in her new role as a mother.  Really, it’s just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Jackson might still be sub 10lbs but he is making a BIG impact in the lives of those who have loved him since before he was even the size of a peanut (oh and he is such a little peanut!).

Oh and the Andersonville Farmer’s Market is great!  Scored some Flaming Fury peaches, omg how I die for Flaming Fury peaches.

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