Five Things

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I finally saw Midnight in Paris and was positively giddy-happy for the entire 90 minutes it was on. I now need to buy more shirt dresses (ala Rachel McAdams), book a ticket to Paris, read more Hemingway and drink champagne. Not necessarily in that order.

I was working through a blockage (for real) last week and apparently, my yoga instructors were in my head because their themes all week were letting go of things that no longer serve you. The collateral of meditating on that all well? My apartment. It has been wonderful for us for 18 months, but it is no longer serving us, no longer has components that are going to make us happy going forward. So, we move to River North in 3 weeks. Goodbye lake views, hello city lights!

I have been wearing a lot of scarves lately and have learned to tie them in a way that doesn’t make me look like It is strangling me. Score. (this helped)

I went with my friend/bride-to-be Linda wedding dress shopping and the girl at the appointment next to us would only try on dresses where the skirt looked like birds flew into the tulle and got stuck. Every time she asked for “bigger” and “more detail”, all I heard was “More birds! I want more birds!”.

I have become obsessed with juicing. The idea that I can consume several beets, apples, pounds of spinach, carrots and numerous other veggies all in one cup in one sitting blows my mind. I should probably buy a juicer and then join a CSA to support the habit but for now, I’ll rely on 40 Carrots and Maple Street Market.


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  1. Allison

    We did the same thing in August. We were on Ontario right at the lake and now live on the river in cozy River North. And I love it! Good luck with the move.

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