First Snow 2.0

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The freeze that has settled in over Chicago made for the coziest of weekends. My mom was in town, which was great reason to do lovely holiday things like go to the Southport Stroll, Zoo Lights and toast to her birthday with champagne at one of our favorite spots. Ryan had his wisdom teeth out, which was great reason to settle in front of the fireplace and drink tea. Weekends that are the perfect balance of staying in and going out are rare but this one nailed it.

Ryan and I walked over to Whole Foods last night to get him more soup and on our way, saw a little girl sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. Walking closer, we saw that she was just a tiny little nugget and, apparently, this was her first snow. Her dad told us they had been out there for awhile but she was so mesmerized that he couldn’t bring himself to take her in. We laughed and as we walked away, marveled at the thought, gosh, her first snow. All of this white stuff on the ground, coming from the sky- I totally get why her mind was blown.

This is the season when I get nostalgic for memories past and this year, I am also so aware of the firsts we have coming up. First Christmas engaged, first Christmas in our new home, first year flying home instead if driving (amen/hallelujah to that)…some firsts that are really going to stay with us. It’s no first snow but it’s really rather exciting.

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