First Date

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Ryan and I went on our first blind date. Not with each other. With another couple.

It wasn’t entirely a blind date- Ryan had picked up met the guy while golfing a few weeks back. But it was the first time we have had dinner with a couple where the only shared history is “and then I told him that he is no Tiger Woods and to keep his golf advice to himself!”

So yeah- these people were basically strangers.

It was your typical first date. “Wow, your job sounds interesting- tell me more”, “Oh, where in Michigan/upstate New York/the South is that?” “Sure, i’ll have another drink but only if you’re going to have another drink” and inevitably ended with Ryan and I talking about our cat. Which is what always happens when we realize that we would rather be home drinking wine with Luna Bell- the “scare people off by telling what you perceive to be hilarious stories about your cat” tactic is foolproof. And explains why we don’t have many couple friends.

Really though, these people were very nice and share our foodie tendencies. The date took an unexpected turn when we learned that they are apple pie connoisseurs. And apparently, the best apple pie in Chicago is at Cantina Laredo, a Mexican restaurant. We took them up on their offer for a late night slice since it is in our ‘hood and it turns out, they were spot on. Their secret is to order it without the bourbon butter sauce and with vanilla bean ice cream, not the cinnamon. Picky, yes. Delicious? Oh man. I like the idea of an apple pie city search so I took their Cantina Laredo and raised them Chicago q. A southern BBQ joint has to have good apple pie, right?

Open to any and all apple pie suggestions around the city as that is apparently how we are going to be building this friendship. Ugh, dating is such hard work.

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