Finishing Touches

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I just picked up the finishing touches for my Christmas Eve outfit and in “holy-cow-they-are-giving-things-away” news, j.crew is having sales on top of sales.

In the same spirit, we heard on the news last night that Macy’s is open 24/7 until Christmas Eve. So what did we do at 10pm last night? Went over to the Macy’s on State Street. Because we could. Sure, we picked up a few last minute gifts but really, it was more about being out so late. And there were actually a lot of people out! I love the few days before Christmas because there is such different hustle and bustle going on- people hurrying to finish shopping, to get out of town, to get their homes ready to host family in town, catching a performance of The Nutcracker, take in the seasonal Chicago sights…


Ryan and I are staying AND going. Enjoying Chicago until Christmas Eve and then heading to Michigan to see my family. I love that we can have our holiday here, together, AND be close enough to see family with just a few hours of driving.

Merry, merry!

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