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Fete is the new Dose. Apparently.

City gossip (and interviews with a bit of snark given by the self proclaimed sole founder) laid out that several original curators of Dose Market severed their ties with the once monthly foodie and clothing market and had a new project in the works. That project is Fete, a weekend long celebration of food and design that debuted in December and is back in action this weekend. April 4-7 will bring a night market, tastings, discussions, panels with the goal of starting a dialogue, learning and connecting; a behind the scenes look at some of the most innovative minds in Chicago.

I am actually glad to hear that Fete has been created. I loved Dose Market at the beginning; I raved about it that first summer and even Holidose. But after that, it got stale and less exciting. And while I appreciate that they turned me on to Bittercube and Lezzett Spices, I think Fete is going to bring authentic, community driven, hyper-local Chicago love.

And besides- who doesn’t love a Fete?

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