Fall colors happen where there are trees

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I have seen the most incredible fall colors this year. In Chicago, turning leaves feels like a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment when it finally happens. Or maybe there just aren’t that many trees. In any case, between Park City and Madison this week, I have seen a ton of trees and they were gorge, at the peak of their color.

Maybe I’ve just be nature deprived but I was taking a phone call in between meetings in Madison, sitting against a tree (a tree! On the ground! Nature!), watching these leaves fall and was so taken with the vibrancy of the color, so nostalgic about being young in my hometown that has no shortage of trees that I was near tears. Stuff is just so beautiful sometimes, you know? Eloquent statement, I know…maybe saying I have a deep gratitude for beauty these days, inside and out is a better way to put it.

Thank goodness for iPhones otherwise I would have had to just tell y’all about this tree.

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