Fab Fest 2012

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Fab Fest 2012 was a HUGE success. 400 people came together for a day of fitness at the Four Seasons and in the process raised over $240,000 for Bright Pink’s lifesaving educational programs. Giuliana Rancic was a part of the event this year and it was a pleasure hearing her and many others speak to how important Bright Pink has been in their journeys.

My team was comprised of several of my good friends from college and I was so excited to share such a special day with them. As the day kicked off, I looked around the room and realized that over the years, so many of these women I have sweated next to during this day of fitness have gone from strangers to friends who amaze me daily. In this big city, Bright Pink has created a community of committed, inspired individuals hoping to make a difference by simply being who they are and in the process, made Chicago feel like a small town full of familiar faces.

A small town up to BIG things. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe it.

So cheers to another wildly successful Fab Fest and a heartfelt congratulations to the woman behind it all, Lindsay Avner- a creator, an inspiration and one hell of a hard worker.

(for more info on Bright Pink, go BrightPink.org)


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