Everyone Loves a Themed Gift

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I don’t care about the NFL.

Not a smidgen.

You know that insurance commercial with Aaron Rodgers telling a classroom of kids that he plays football for a living and a little girl replies “That’s not a job.”? Exactly how I feel.

But there’s somebody that lives in this house who loves pro-football and since the Ravens are his team, I wanted to do something to show some purple love so I picked up every purple item I could find at Walgreens. Also, it turns out that Whole Foods carries Flying Dog, a Maryland micro-brewed beer. They have a cool bet going with a San Fran brewery and the beer is actually awesome so now I like 2 things about Baltimore (crab cakes will always be #1).

Now, all we need is the Ravens to win and Queen B to kill it at half-time and we’ll both be happy.

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