Da Gelsomina

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To get to dinner last night, the restaurant sent a car to pick us up. It felt so fancy but once we were barreling up the mountain on the narrowest of streets, we got it- there is no way we could have gotten there on our own. After not being able to pick our jaws off the floor walking through a vineyard and past a glittering pool, we were shown to our table by a huge open window with the most incredible view of the water and sun that was still high in the sky. “This view…ees okay but the view created by God is just a short walk away. Why don’t you go for a stroll before dinner?” our waiter said as showed us to a stone path with directions to go straight, then left.

Huge cliffs, straight edges down to the bluest blue water…yes, sir- thank you for suggesting this walk.

There was also little ceramic tiles of quotes along the path.


Our bottle of wine was open and ready for us when we returned to the table and the sun set shortly after. From bright, bright light to simmering orb of orange, it was unbelievable. As in, I literally could not believe I was having dinner in a vineyard on top of Anacapri, drinking wine, holding my husband’s hand and watching light sink below the Mediterranean Sea like that.



Honeymoons rock.

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