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There has to be some scientific study that says yoga is the cure for winter. Cold mornings = hot yoga…it’s just science, right?

I practice pretty consistently throughout the year but there is something about this season, every time it comes around I find myself craving my mat. When it’s this cold, getting warm from the inside out just sounds like the best move. And then there’s the whole breathing thing. Tis the season for the scrunched up shoulder walk while holding your breath until you get inside. On my mat, I breathe from movement to movement and if I forget, there’s a teacher literally saying “breathe in, breathe out” for an hour. Which is helpful.

There is this yogi duo called Go W/ The Flow from Dayton, Ohio that travels the country teaching classes- Tori leads the yoga, Ben plays the guitar. It’s not so much of a class as it is an experience- the music is perfectly synced with the movements, simultaneously so much fun and deliciously meditative.

I was on their website today seeing when they were in Chicago next and came across some tracks of Ben’s music. Super chill…AND there is subtle ocean-sounding-like breaths worked into the songs! Which sounds weird but it works and is awesome. I worked to it all afternoon and am so excited to have it when I need to do a few sun salutations at home. Check it out.

More about Go W/ The Flow here.

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