Clean Eating

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The last 6 weeks have found me somewhere other than home more often than not. Atlanta for a bridal shower and wedding, Michigan to see my family, work travel…I’ve been all over the place and in an attempt to strike some balance with my weekend eating (there’s no way I would ever turn down Rosebud’s Shrimp and Grits!), Monday through Friday has been all about clean eating. Food as close to its original form as possible, trying to steer clear from anything processed and drinking copious amounts of water.

Here’s what I am loving lately: quinoa, steamed broccoli and kale topped with marinara and a little Parmesan cheese. Good protein from the quinoa, lots of nutrients from the veggies and super satisfying. Faux pasta, if you will, but better. So good.

Speaking of clean eating, check out Clean Food Messy Closet. Written by the fab Dana from Possessionista, Clean Food Messy Closet has tons of great recipes and tips for eating clean for normal people (because we all aren’t Gwyneth Paltrow). Plus, Dana is hilarious- we got together for a chat a few weeks ago and she is so sweet and relatable- no one better to talk yoga/celebrities/fashion/clean eating with!

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