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Sunday afternoon was going to look something like this: Petco to pick up food and litter for LB, swing into Walgreen’s, drop everything off at home, go back out to Macy’s for new undershirts for Ryan, then to here and there and there.

And then we realized that CITY TARGET WAS OPEN.

I haven’t been to a Target in years because there wasn’t one downtown. But the City Target on State and Madison rectified that with it’s one-stop-glorious shopping experience. We bought everything we needed at one single store. I know it’s city people problems but real talk- Ryan and I skipped through that City Target nearly beside ourselves that so many products were under one roof.


More of the story: City Target is open and we are really, really excited.

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  1. Megan

    Hi Nina, I just stumbled on your blog thanks to Lauren’s super-cool post about you (um, awesome job, by the way). I work for Target (I train security teams), so I will be sure to pass your jubilation along to the team who work(ed) really hard to make City Target a success. Your excitement is exactly what we hope the new store will bring to so many urban dwellers!

    1. JustaChiTownGirl

      Hi Megan!

      Please, please pass along how excited pretty much everyone in Chicago is to have City Target! It has literally changed how I run errands. And don’t get me started on how amazing it’s going to be once the holidays hit…

      Have a great week and thanks for your kind words!

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