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I need to do things I am terrible at more often.

It’s not often that one actively seeks sucking at things but after an hour at City Surf in Dallas yesterday, I recognized I need that way more often. I love group fitness classes and am always down to try something new so when I learned some co-friends (co-worker friends) and I had boards reserved at City Surf, I was psyched. I also thought we were going to be in a large tank with water until the moment we walked in. Surfing, no water- what?

Boards balance on balls that are stationary but allow for a large range of motion so that board is tipsy. The super lithe instructor led us through an hour of jumping, paddling, crunching, squatting, you name it, all on this board…and all while trying to not fall off. Which was largely unsuccessful by yours truly. The class was killer for your core because it has to be engaged to stay on that damn thing and it was even more amazing for my little heart. I don’t consider myself silly or hyper by any means but after an hour of falling and laughing so hard, I could barely contain myself. For the rest of the night, I was in stitches with my co-friends about the crazy fun spectacle that was surf-working out and as one of our new friends said “Instead of Jesus Take the Wheel, Jesus Take the Surfboard.” Truer words have never been spoken, as proven by the bruise I just found on my leg.

Uncontrollable laughter, energy and a killer sweat- best hour of being terrible ever.

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