Cinco de Dinner Party

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For the record, 3 seconds before the Derby began, I chose “I’ll Have Another” to win. Because it’s the best name ever.

After a faux celebration glass of bubbly at POPS (faux celebration, real bubbly), we headed north for more adult merriment- a Cinco de Dinner Party.


My darling friend Kate outdid herself, cooking a Mexican feast fiesta for a party of 10. Margaritas, Kate’s infamous guac, enchiladas, shrimp fajitas, the works. The food was amazing and equally enjoyable was the company of everyone there. I adored the 3 new couples we met and long after we corked the wine/finished the last marg, everyone gathered in the living room to continue the conversation, to provide commentary on SNL. My kind of people, for sure.

Cinco de Dinner Party…I think that should be a thing now.


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