Christmas Traditions

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Ryan, Luna Bell and I spent Christmas in Michigan with my family. I am finding that the older I get, the town I grew up in is becoming this place of nostalgia. For a time, it was a strange place that I didn’t belong to and didn’t belong to me. But now that I’ve made a life some place else, I find myself looking forward to my visits, pointing out houses and stories and memories as I drive into town. Ryan is such a good sport and I love how my childhood holiday traditions are evolving.

Still the same? Time with my parents, breakfast with my best friend at our favorite bagel/coffee spot, opening gifts one by one, reading “’twas the Night Before Christmas” by the tree before we go to bed on Christmas Eve.

New traditions? Christmas Day champagne by the fire, crab cakes (3 cheers for Ryan being from Maryland!), and a walk on the dunes by the lake.

I am happy to be back in Chicago and so grateful for a wonderful holiday in Michigan, with lots of new and old traditions. The first snow is falling right now but my little heart is super warm.

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