Christmas (David’s) Tea

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Christmas David’s Tea!!!!

Remember when I got uber excited about David’s Tea coming to Bucktown? I was up on Southport yesterday and ta-da…David’s Tea! You guys, this place is the bees knees. They are so incredibly nice, pulling down tubs of tea for me to smell, and so knowledgeable (“Bubbly” is champagne tea. Yes….). I bought some gifts but being in a hurry, left without any tea for myself. Totally fine but I made a mental note to get back up there soon.

Fast forward to the evening and the cookie baking evening I had with a few girlfriends. My darling friend Ashlee bounded through the door with a blue bag filled with the best hostess gift of all time- a David’s Tea box with a new mug, diffuser, and 3 tins of tea! Those balls for loose tea suck so this diffuser has already changed my life and the cup of Coco Chai Rooibos I had this morning was equally amazing. Such a thoughtful surprise and such a treat- not that I need an excuse to be overly excited about anything but I was SO excited to wake up this morning and make fancy tea in my fancy new cup.

And I think I will be excited to wake up tomorrow morning too.

Christmas tea for the win!

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