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I love Chicago. Chicago loves the Blackhawks. So, by default, I love the Blackhawks.

To be clear: I love anything that gets people this excited. Cheering, chanting, hugging, high fiving- you’re speaking my language. Bandwagon? Absolutely.

We started hearing bursts of cheering around 10pm last night and knew The Cup had entered our ‘hood. A quick check on Twitter’s #findthecup (god, the Internet is amazing) confirmed it and as the cheering got louder, we went out on our balcony to watch our Chicago Blackhawks and Lord Stanley arrive at the bar across the street. Ryan and I are no hockey die-hards but it was so cool to see a team win in such a stunningly awesome way and share their victory in such a personal way with their hometown. And to see people lose their minds with excitement in the process.

Chicago loves the Blackhawks and I am pretty sure they love them back.

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