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(Airport reading material)

Ryan and I were in Baltimore for quite the whirlwind weekend. We went to an amazingly fun wedding on Friday night and enjoyed a wonderful meal with two great friends on Saturday night with lots of other stuff in between, to the point where we had to get ready for each event in a car. If I hadn’t eaten 4 crab cakes in 48 hours, I’d be whistling a “I am too old for eyeliner by the dashboard light” tune. But my gawd, I LOVE crab cakes.

An overall enjoyable weekend, there is nothing like being home. I love home and 4 nights in 3 different hotel rooms makes me even more in love with our little space in this big(ish) city. Yesterday was about the catch-up, with work, laundry, emails, workouts (those crab cakes don’t burn themselves off) and Luna Bell cuddles. She was all up in my grill yesterday, could not be close enough. And since it is her birthday week, I suppose that is just fine.

Home for the holidays, really- LB’s kitty birthday, the Mag Mile Parade, Thanksgiving, Ry’s Birthday, then it’s all-out, Christmas game on. I love this time of year even more than I love crab cakes…

(Luna Bell supporting my to-do list)

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