Blackhawks Fans, Officially.

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We Want the Cup Blackhawks

There’s a first time for everything: a few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a bar to watch the Blackhawks game.

Not earth-shatter news, I know, but somehow, something we had never done.

And it was a blast. Any sporting activity that people are super into is fun and we absolutely got caught up in the excitement of the game, throwing our arms over our heads instinctively when the Hawks would score, engaging in “omg I can’t believe that happened” banter with the people next to us in the seats we managed to score at the bar. Halfway in to this endeavor wearing non-team clothing, my husband asks me how, out of alllllll the hats we own, we don’t have a single piece of Blackhawks gear. Cue the grabbing of the iPhones- new hats had been shipped before the game was over.

We have lived in Chicago for over 6 years. The Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup twice during that time period. I remember in 2012, we had just gotten engaged and we watched the Cup go around our River North neighborhood from our balcony while talking about wedding planning. Shocking but for some reason, it wasn’t enough to consider ourselves fans.

But now, we are the proud owners of hats. We watched a game in a bar. And I walked to see this mural in the West Loop today.

I’m gonna call it- we are officially Blackhawks fans.

If anything, we are Chicago fans and I consider that the same thing.

Some Blackhawks inspired links:
Cool article about this mural at the Palace Grill- it was done in 12 hours!
“That’s not how we roll in Chicago.” File this under ‘things you already know’, Vince Vaughn is the freaking man.

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