Birthday: A New Decade

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Birthday donut

In addition to being blog re-launch day, it’s also my 30th birthday. I am so grateful for every year I get to have on this planet so turning 30 sounds like a great move to me. The celebration has been low-key but wonderful. A dinner date, live jazz, champagne, a brunch with friends, beautiful weather, a lovely little festive donut, a few cards covered in glitter.

I feel like every birthday before this, I wished for something for the future. I so remember birthdays in my early 20s in turmoil wondering if my life was going to “work out” (spoiler alert: it does. Oh, the drama!). But sitting here tonight thinking about blowing out the proverbial candles on a cake, my only wish is for exactly what I have right this second: a life I love and people I adore in it. Contentment, happiness, a few more deep breaths…if this is 30, I will gladly welcome it.

Hi, New Decade. Thanks for having me.


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