Billy Joel & Store Bought Brownies

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Disclaimer: I had a post all ready for you that involved how I fed Ryan amazingly delicious brownies made out of avocado, rice flour and all sorts of virtuous goodness.

Really- even before presenting him this dessert glorious’ness, I was ready to tell you how I baked gluten-free goodness that he didn’t even know about and loved. I was all puffy chested before he even walked in the door. Healthy, natural, organic brownies were clearly where it was at. Obvs.

In my opinion, they’re so good. Gluten-free, sugar free…I sent the recipe to my Dad and he made them tonight as well AND a darling new friend of mine brought me a brownie from this exact recipe yesterday so really, they’re legit.


Real talk, 8pm: 1 Ryan bite in- “These aren’t fully cooked. Eew. No. Look, it’s raw here. Let’s put them back in the oven.” I tried to wait it out, convincing him they were fudgy. “They’re not that sweet either. Let’s add sugar and butter and put them back in.” I had to fess up. No dice. “Avocado?!?” So mad. SO MAD. Me and him.

But we made blood orange old fashioneds. And listened to Billy Joel in anticipation of his Wrigley Field concert tickets going in sale tomorrow morning. So there’s that.

Moral of the story: bake what you want to eat because you never know if you can disguise avocado and Billy Joel as store-bought brownies.

Really- do what you want. Avocado or not.

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