Barcelona Bound!

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10 days. BARCELONA. June. Happening.

(insert jazz hands and high fives here.)

In an impulse 20 minutes at the end of the Michigan State basketball game, we answered the question “What are we waiting for?” with an emphatic “nothing!” so we booked flights and are now planning how to spend our 10 glorious days abroad! Check out Spain for a few, fly to Rome and work our way back along the coast is the initial gut feeling but who knows??? Anything is possible.

Anything is possible. I have been waiting working a long time so that I can say that about my life and really mean it.

And for now, it means SPAIN. I am so excited.

A big thanks to all who threw in their two cents about our vacation vs. trip dilemma. Barcelona perfectly suits both- thanks for the tip, Becca!

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  1. Becca

    Of course, I’ll share any tips I have 😉 Thanks for yours about RPM… I absolutely loved my meal tonight.

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