Another Lap Around the Sun

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It was my birthday on Tuesday and last night while I was laying in bed, I got to thinking about the previous year. I heard once that some years are questions and others are answers and while 30 was definitely a year of questions, the answers that did exist were alarmingly…strong. The terms ‘hell yes’ and ‘fuck no’ come to mind; I find that the older I get, the more clearly things fall in either of those buckets. Not “oh that could work” or “maybe” or “I’m not sure”…it was a year of visceral reactions, hell yes/fuck no and I either moved forward full force or in the opposite direction.

So that’s something.

I think this is where I’m supposed to list the things I learned this year but more than anything what 30 gave me was assurance about my priorities.  I know for sure that I am more in love with my husband than ever. That my close relationship with my family is both my roots and my wings. That this unlikely and incredible tribe of women in my life who are flung all over the country are the most essential personal board of directors that I could ask for. I know for sure that nothing in my life works unless I am healthy, comfortable and active. And that my time and resources must be prioritized in accordance with these things I know for sure.

And I also know that I am grateful for every year the good Lord wants to give me and am gladly welcoming being 31.

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