And then I fell in Bucktown

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So, it’s been all celebrating, making fun plans and kissy faces over here since we got engaged 10 days ago. This last weekend was a blast and we closed it out with tacos at Big Star. We never go to Bucktown; I don’t know if it’s that we have places we love right in our neighborhood or if it really is so far away like we act like it is (it’s not) but we were proud as punch to cross the highway in the name of an errand that garnered us a prime spot on Big Star’s awesome patio. I wore printed pants, Ryan had his plastic Ray Bans…we were in Bucktown and frickin’ pumped. The sun was shining, delicious tacos were in my belly, really outstanding people watching was happening, congrats were coming in from Facebook friends, we were having a blast.

After 10 minutes of what was proving to be a futile attempt to find a cab home (my god, where were the cabs?!), we spotted one and I bounded toward it. I bound, it’s what I do, I’m enthusiastic. Well, this bounding blatantly ignored the curb and there was falling. No, not falling- flying. Arms and legs up for what seemed like forever and a hard land. Strangers yelling “Are you okay?!?”, rushing toward me, cab driver getting out. But before I could react, before I could see my skinned knees, ripped pants, busted palms and cut on my arm, Ryan was there, (literally) picking me up off the sidewalk. He got me in the cab and with his arm around me, we determined that I would live. When I got dramatic about how falling in public proves that I can’t do anything right (because apparently I am 5), he gave it to me straight that I 1) was being ridiculous and 2) do plenty of things right. Walking, in that moment, just was not one of them.

Aside from some skin missing from my knees and arm, what I am left with from that flying incident is that while all of the fun we’ve been having celebrating our decision to make a future together, it’s nothing compared to the fact that this person I’ve built a life with is someone who quite literally catches me when I fall. We have had a lot of proverbial catching each other over the years and it’s been hard at times. The physical act of flying through the air in Bucktown just brought into focus that this celebration IS a celebration of the commitment that we are making to catch each other for the long haul. Falling is hard, partnership is hard but it’s so, so important. And so, so worth it.

I am all about the pretty parts of this celebration but knowing that I don’t have to fly through the air with the greatest of ease…that’s pretty great too.

Bound with ease, friends.

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