And I Don’t Even Like Steak…

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This is truly the greatest customer service story of all time.

My affection for Twitter is no secret and this is proof that it is pretty much second to none in terms of speed of communication.  Below is the story of a steakhouse (Morton’s), a man (Peter Shankman) and a porterhouse steak that really went the extra mile.

“As we were about to take off, I jokingly tweeted the following:

Let’s understand: I was joking. I had absolutely no expectations of anything from that Tweet. It’s like how we Tweet “Dear Winter, please stop, love Peter,” or something similar.

I shut off my phone and we took off.”

Click here to read the rest of Peter’s amazing tale of Morton’s thoughtfullness.

Like I said, I don’t even eat steak but this story makes me wants Morton’s to be my carnivorous haunt of choice.  Ryan is a steak person so maybe if he plays his cards right, a Morton’s trip is in his future…

In any case, I wish more companies recognized that good PR is only a good customer experience away…

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