Adventures in House Hunting

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A few weeks ago, we decided to start exploring what condos might be on the market and if we might want to think about buying. I say “might” because we love our current apartment and would live here forever if we could. But it’s always good to see what’s out there and I’ve learned a ton in the last few weeks.

For example, I’ve learned about financing and exactly how banks give you money which is cool and kinda scary. I’ve learned that when something goes on the market with a killer price and 4 day deadline to make an offer, everyone and their mother in Chicago will be touring the place with you. Also, there’s something about “here is the 4 block radius I will live in” that realtors don’t understand. And that the entitlement issue about commission when we’re doing all the work finding the listings and all we need is for you to let us in to see them.

But I think my favorite part of this is seeing Ryan and I with our business hats on at the same time. Looking at units, shooting out questions, making assessments, trotting out our critical eyes to make sure we know everything necessary in order to make an informed decision. I thought this process was going to be more about me holding tight to my poker face so I didn’t blurt out “we’ll take it!” the second I see the perfect spot where my Christmas tree will go. But it’s been fun spending time on this little project together and kind of crazy to realize that I am an adult capable of buying something expensive that I can’t carry around with me.

May the adventures continue!

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  1. Ashley

    We are apartment hunting as well and it’s been a nightmare! We found places we loved and placed we hated but nothing that was just right. Fingers crossed it comes to an end soon and we are comfortably in our new home in Chicago!

    1. JustaChiTownGirl

      Thanks, Ashley! Good luck with yours as well- I took a look at your blog and it looks like you just made quite the move! Let me know if I can be of any help in River North.

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