A Whole Life

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Last December, I ran into an acquaintance whom I like very much. We were exchanging pleasantries and I asked how she was. Instead of issuing a standard “I’m fine” response, she shared with me some challenges going on in her life. I was taking in her candor when she said “But I asked for a whole life and this is it: a whole life.”

A whole life. Not a good life or an easy life or a perfect life, a whole life.

I really haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Our interaction easily could have gone “I’m great! You’re great! Great! We’re great!” as so many run-ins like that do, which is perfectly fine. But the opportunity she gave me to consider that regardless of whether the things in our lives are going good, bad or ugly, it’s a part of a whole life and with that, there’s gratitude stopped me in my tracks that day and every day since.

A whole life. Yes. Yes.

I just wanted to share that story in case you are in a season that is ebbing and flowing between what you want or what you like with other things that might be perceived as, well, undesirable. It’s a whole life and not only is that okay, it’s pretty amazing.

Thank you, Callie.

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