A Weekend Away- Kohler, WI

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This weekend was one for the books.

Ryan and I took off to Wisconsin for a much needed getaway. Since the honeymoon, we have both pretty much been working around the clock and it was time to…relax. Have some fun. Be together.

You guys, it’s fall in Wisconsin. The drive to Kohler was stunning and it felt so good to see…trees. I am not relinquishing my status as a city girl and our weekend was not rustic by any means but being outside, walking on leaves, and seeing a big sky of stars at night refreshed me in a way I didn’t know I needed.

My sweet husband planned the weekend, most likely because he wanted to get in as much golf as possible, but I felt so cared for by his plans. The spa at Kohler was amazing, our meal at The Immigrant Room goes down as one of the top 5 meals of my life and trap shooting for the first time was a blast but there’s nothing like time together. It’s a special day when you wake up with your person and think “what fun thing should we do today?”.

I walked with him while he played 18 holes of golf and friends, karma paid me back within hours…we were having a nightcap when a group of broadway performers and investors started a singalong. My heart beats fast just thinking about it. Holding hands with my husband while belting out “Seasons of Love” and various selections from The Sound of Music while drinking a manhattan is pretty much my version of heaven on earth.

I know you can’t call tradition after only doing it once but we recapped the weekend on the drive home the way we talked about our wedding on our honeymoon so I think a weekend in the sweet village of Kohler needs to be our fall tradition. Or at least more weekends entirely governed by togetherness and fun.







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