A Life Lived with Value

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During the almost 99 years of my grandmother’s life, she witnessed the invention of the toaster and of television, the women’s right to vote, the beginning (and end) of Prohibition, 4 wars, 17 Presidents, the Space Race, the creation of the internet, email, phones that are computers and can talk to each other and fit in your pocket. 

It’s crazy to think about the wildly fast pace in which the world has changed from 1917 to 2016 and crazier still to realize that a single person could see all of this and live a life alongside it.

My grandmother was a gracious host, believed in fresh manicures, cocktail hour from 4-5pm sharp, that education was of utmost importance, and always, always told the truth.

This past October, I told her the truth about some things going on in my life. Without missing a beat, she replied “Life is too short to work for people who don’t value you, life is too short to have anyone in your life that doesn’t value you. You value you and you must act accordingly.” The clarity and force with which she said this took me aback. She and I have been incredibly close my entire life; she has always called for my best while loving me unconditionally and this is at the core of every piece of advice she has ever given me: you must value yourself. Period.

My strong, sweet, smart grandmother exited this world a week ago and she left us with a thousand stories and memories that my family will no doubt tell for years to come but I think the biggest lesson, the best story is that of a life lived with value. She did this and the message was clear: value yourself so you can value the people and causes and work that is your life’s calling.

Because you value you and you must act accordingly.

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  1. Sarah

    Hi Nina,
    I’m sure you see a follower from Kazakhstan so fyi, that’s me! It gives me a tie to life in the states. I loved this entry and immediately wrote down your grandmother’s advice. These were words I needed to hear so thanks to you for posting and her for sharing these words. Hope life is wonderful for you!
    -Sarah Lawrence

    1. admin

      Oh my goodness, Sarah! I DID wonder who read my blog in Kazakhstan. Thank you so much for your note, it’s so nice to hear from you!

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