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1. Yesterday was the most traffic my blog has ever seen. My initial reaction was “Wow, there really must be an extraordinary amount of Tweens googling Justin Bieber cards” and vowed to write about Justin Bieber at least once a week. But then I was chatting with Antonia at Flywheel before class today (I know, I know- obsessed) and she said Flywheel shared my post with their social media channels and website. So, maybe just maybe, Just A Chi Town Girl was flooded yesterday with adults addicted to sweaty, cardio glory and not just the under 13, I Heart JB set. Just in case, I’ll probably still do a Justin Bieber post occasionally…just to keep my numbers up.

2. Speaking of Flywheel, what else do people do at 7am on a Monday morning? Sleep? Shower? I am flying to Columbus today and while on that bike, all I could think about was how awesome it felt to be kicking this week’s ass before even having a cup of coffee.

3. Speaking of flying to Columbus, this is week 7 of work travel. It’s been a necessary travel bender but I am so relieved it’s almost over and I will be able to manage my travel better/have some more time at home. The end of this week also marks the end of Ryan’s training for his new(ish) job. And the end of summer. The symbolism of a new season starting is certainly not lost on me. I feel good about the hard work we put into this last season but I will also probably bear hug the new one as it rolls in.

4. Midway Airport smells amazing this morning. The El, the walk-way, the security line…like cleaning and disinfecting fairies went to town. Once I got over my shock, the germophobe in me said a silent thank you to the travel gods…and an out-loud one to the guy manning the floor mopper machine.

Happy Monday!

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