Jeni’s Ice Cream

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I’m going full tilt on pie this year.

A few weeks ago, I decided to place an order for Thanksgiving pies somewhere, giving up after a few years of mediocre (at best) apple and pumpkin attempts. Baking is my thing and I got discouraged. But I am letting going of my story that I’m incapable and I’m going all out- homemade crust, not skimping in sugar…and in case that fails, Jeni’s Ice Cream.

This place opened at the beginning of cold weather season in Chicago and has had a line out the door until 11pm every night. We could only go “It’s cold, who wants ice cream?” and “how good could it really be?” so many times and on our way home from dinner last night, Ryan and I stopped in to decide for ourselves.

My god.

Now I understand why when I went to Columbus, OH for work people lost their shit telling me about Jeni’s. It’s unbelievable. Should have skipped dinner unbelievable. We went with a
scoop of the sweet corn & black berry and their special vanilla but with unlimited samples, I can assure you that they’re all ridiculously good. Sweet, creamy and real– all local cream and milk and produce.

So the moral of my story is this: I am masking my fear of making another year of so-so pies with Jeni’s Ice Cream because truthfully, after a scoop or two of the Cinderella Pumpkin or Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean, no one will be talking about my Thanksgiving pies anyways. Everybody wins.


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