Monday Brunching

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My friend Kate and her darling baby boy Jackson came over for brunch today (savoring one more day off before starting my new job tomorrow!) and in addition to broccoli-zucchini quiche, I took inspiration from this photo and served super easy little caramelized banana toasts.

Almond butter spread on top of toast, sliced bananas, a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar- pop under the broiler until things get bubbly and melty, slice in half. Protein from the almond butter, potassium from the bananas, fiber from whole wheat bread…I would like to think these were healthy because they were delicious and I want to make them often.

In non-food brunch news, is there anything funnier than babies laughing? Jackson’s new party trick is laughing so hard that he snorts and sitting with him on the floor, singing him songs, tickling his sweet little belly and lifting him in the air to make him laugh was basically the best time ever. I don’t actually like all kids, some just aren’t that cool, but this one, this little Jackson, just slays me with his awesomeness.

Brunch, laughing, good friends, calm before the work storm…it was a good, good Monday.

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