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Just A Chi Town Girl has existed for 2 years, 3 months, 16 days and approximately 5 hours.

In the time that this has been my little corner of the Internet, there have been several other blogs that have provided endless inspiration, entertainment, and genuine joy for me. I ran into Emily from Emphasis Added at J.Crew last week and once I was done being starstruck (blogstruck?), I introduced myself, gushed over how much my friends and I love her blog, how adorable her little girl Hazel is and wished her a happy holiday. Walking away, I realized how cool this whole blog thing is. People invite you into their lives, their views on style/politics/family/relationships, their likes, their dislikes, all in hopes at maybe it will speak to someone. I think that’s really generous and considering how much this blog community thing means to me, I really appreciate it.

In the spirit of end of the year high fives, here are my favorite blogs of 2011:

Emphasis Added: Chi-town wife, mom, fashionista and lover of all things Chicago.

Ramshackle Glam: Jordan is über stylish, creative, crafty, resourceful…and writes about it in a way that makes you feel like you can be too, almost encouraging her readers to take chances in any area of their lives because hey, nothing can turn out so bad that it can’t be redeemed. A very real, very feel good read.

Hollywood Housewife: This wife of a Hollywood director gives a very entertaining look into life in LA. Super down-to-earth, I love this blog for it’s great links, book recommendations, and clever party ideas..

Cup of Jo: New York magazine writer and blogger who has a fantastic eye for design, style, food, wine, you name it. Super thought provoking while still being relatable.

Haute Like Couture: Homegirl says what she thinks, be it about fashion, celebrities or her personal life and inspires me to be just a it bolder…and maybe make up some words while I am at it.

Confetti and Cocktails: Because I love confetti. And cocktails. (Seriously gorgeous Pinterest-like blog.)

What are YOUR favorite blogs? Any I should add into my daily roll?

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  1. Beth J.

    New Blog found; Enjoying the Small things
    You will LOVE her, shes this amazing mom of 2 little girls and one of them has down syndrome and shes just awesome. Photographer and writer and just super great! Enjoy!

    (p.s. Happy Holidays:))

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