Fiery Pit.

30 09 2010

The other day, I was simply enjoying my morning cup of coffee when something came on the news that caught my attention.  No, that’s an understatement.  It made my head jerk up violently and the actual words that make up the acronym “WTF” come out of my mouth.  I was so angry, so disappointed, so disgusted that the only thing I could do was something. Moved to action about something I felt was a huge wrong.  I made phone calls, I wrote emails, I joined Facebook groups, and called my Congressman.  I also called Mama G because when anything happens, well, I call my Mom.

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what it was that moved me so much.  It just matters that it did. How often do I have feelings or convictions about newsworthy events and just pour another cup of coffee?  More often than not.  But today, I got that fiery pit in my stomach.  That fiery pit, that conviction that reminds us that we are members of communities, the ones we currently live in and the ones we grew up in, members of society as a whole.  The fiery pit that says “Not on my watch, douchenozzles.”  I’m not saying any of my stand will stop intolerance in its tracks but man, we’ve got to start standing up when we see things happening that have nothing to do with us moving forward as a human race.

To iPod or Not To iPod?

29 09 2010

That is the question.

10.10.10 is quickly approaching (11 days!) and during my run this morning, it occurred to me that I need to decide if I want to bring my iPod on my little 26.2 mile run.  They say you should do on race day what you did on training runs.  Well, I’ve done a lot of things.  I’ve run with my iPod, run while watching Oprah, run while talking to Ryan and run just to the tune of city sounds.

Pros of running the marathon with an iPod: I can zone out to my favorite bands and if I hit a wall, a pump-up tune is only a click away.  Cons: I miss out on being fully present to the crowds out to cheer on the runners and all the sounds that come with that.  I could also get too pre-occupied with song changing.

Runners!  Fill me in- which do you prefer on long runs?  iPod or running au naturale?

The Search for Halloween Costumes

28 09 2010

I am on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume.  And by perfect, I mean something I didn’t come up with 3 days before October 31st.  Last year, I celebrated my 2nd favorite holiday with a ride on Trolley with 35 of my closest friends.

4 hours riding Trolley all over Chicago, with strategically located bathroom stops (Mickey D’s in River North was the best–super clean, super big, and there were even escalators).  It was a blasty but Ryan and I need to up the ante with our costumes this year.  My friends are really creative and we got our butts kicked in the costume department last year:

Yeah, those are t-shirts depicting us at Lucy and Charlie Brown.  Not a terrible idea but lamesauce execution.

The Halloween Countdown app on my iTouch tells me that there are 33 days until Halloween.  We’ve got to go big this year.  To say Ryan is a competitive guy is an understatement so I have been given an assignment: 8 costume ideas for us by end of day today.  No small task considering that the only thing I can come up with is painting ourselves blue and being Avatars.

Ohh, I long for the days in college when all I had to do was sluttify a Disney character to have a totally stellar and praised Halloween costume.  When they say adult life is so much more complicated, I had no idea it applied to Halloween costumes as well.

My buddy Corey does Daily Booth and posted this question the other day:

Among the responses were Fruit, Lady Gaga, Mario and Luigi, Lady Gaga and more Lady Gaga.  I highly doubt Ryan will rock Lady Gaga, even if I told him she wore meat to the VMA’s.  Some friends of mine did Mario and Luigi a few years ago so that’s out.  So I’m at ground zero.

Help!  Please give me great, creative, funny and not-too-hard-to-put-together costume ideas!

Marathon Update Part 2

26 09 2010

I did another long run yesterday and it was a success.  Chicago lived up to its name with the wind off the lake forcing me to cut up through Lincoln Park.  I think the site-seeing is what got me through.  Ran through the recently re-opened pond area of the Park, up on Inner Lakeshore, Cubs game just starting at Wrigley, down through the brunch crowds on Armitage…I was just so happy to be out and about on such a beautiful morning, experiencing so many of my favorite parts of the city within a short time frame.  Running is so good for that.

And did I mention that Ryan hits the pavement with me through all of my long runs?  Weeks have been busier than usual lately and it is so nice, even though we do live together, to be able to spend several hours together talking about all the stuff that just doesn’t make it into week night conversation.  News headlines, conversations we’ve had with friends/family, work anecdotes, “did you see what Luna Bell did?” stories…all while getting in mileage.  I am exponentially grateful for Ryan just in general but his support has made this marathon business so much more fun.

I wasn’t even sore today, at all!  I was shocked, I put in quite a few miles.  I think I’m really going to be able to run this marathon.

2 weeks. 2 weeks.

When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

24 09 2010

Wow, the moon is INCREDIBLE tonight!  The path it’s creating on the lake right now truly took my breath away.  Luna Bell has the right idea- she’s been sitting on the window sill since it got dark.

Look up!  Is the moon beautiful where you are?


23 09 2010

Shortly after 10:09pm last night, the Super Harvest Moon was visible in Chicago.  I read and re-read the technical descriptions of what and why that is and here’s my understanding: it was super big, super orange and marked the transition to fall without asking; this Super Harvest Moon was telling us it was here and it is now Autumn.  Period.

I went to the Sunrise Yoga class at YogaHouse Chicago this morning and the instructor, Annika (who was fantastic, btw), said some sweet words as she set the intention for the class.  She said that as we experience this Harvest Moon, to reflect with gratitude on that which we have harvested in the past  but to also look forward to what we are harvesting right now, what we are creating right now for future harvests.  I have never harvested anything in a figurative sense (we all know how growing a basil plant went) but her words touched me in that I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the goodness in my life; however, I know that what went into “harvesting” that may or may not be what gets me to the “harvest” of what I’m working on now.  Humble gratitude for the past but absolutely focused on the here and now and learning new ways to get to my next Super Harvest Moon.  Both figuratively and literally.

Namaste and Happy Autumnal Equinox.

Things I Am Loving: Fall Edition

22 09 2010

Walking home from coffee with a good friend today,  I got to thinking about why I love this season so much.  In honor of the first official day of fall, I have comprised a list of Things I am Loving.  Happy Autumnal Equinox!

1. Republic of Tea’s Apple Cider Herbal Tea.  Ryan and I picked this up while waiting out a downpour at Crate and Barrel last Saturday.  I am loving waking up every morning and basically having Fall in a steaming hot mug.

2.  Affy Tapples.

Picked one of these bad boys up on the way home from work last night.  Reminds me so much of being a kid- you knew it was fall when Mama G. started buying these for treats.

3. Gossip Girl and Glee.

I pretty much Gleeked out as the season premiere of Glee began last night and Gossip Girl’s premiere last week was came just as Ryan and I had watched our last Season 3 dvd (Ryan loves him some Chuck Bass).  CANNOT wait for 1) Glee’s Britney episode and 2) for the creepy Juliet girl Nate is dating to go away.  So annoying.

4. College Football.  I sleep in a Michigan State t-shirt every night for good luck during football season.  We’re 3-0.  I like to think it helps.

5. Scarf and sweatshirt season.  This is that perfect, fleeting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it time of year when you can wear scarves or a sweatshirt by itself and you’ll be perfectly snuggly and warm.  Fast forward 5 seconds and you’ll be craming said scarf and said sweatshirt underneath a parka due to frigid wind and snow.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

6. Soup making and bread baking.  Fall comfort food.  Heading to the Green City market this weekend to inspire some Saturday cooking.  Probably while wearing a scarf and/or sweatshirt.  See #5.

Check out Trib writer Mary Schmich’s article for fun fall facts.  Interesting stuff.

What are YOU loving about Fall this year?


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