Weekend Love: Birthday Edition

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It was a stellar weekend, one jam packed with a lot of my favorite things. We took some engagement photos on Saturday morning which meant dressing up, drinking champagne before noon at one of our favorite spots and traipsing along Michigan Avenue so I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My alma mater Michigan State humiliated Michigan in football which was amazing because I really, really hate Michigan AND the bar we were at had Pumking beer. We had a lovely dinner at Spiaggia and a cozy table with a view. Most importantly, we had salted caramel gelato that changed our lives. This morning called for an epically long walk because the theme of the weekend was apparently great booze/food and wow, it could not have been a more beautiful day in Chicago. The fall colors were incredible.

It was also my birthday today.

I am now 29 and I could not be more grateful for every single one of those years. There have been good ones, there have been hard ones and I am so proud of where each has brought me. I have these parents I am crazy about who have loved and supported me more than I thought possible, teaching me the true meaning of family, best friends who might as well be family and I am marrying the man who is the partner and great love I never knew I could hope for. Grateful and happy doesn’t begin to describe it.

So I will blow out these candles and just wish for more of the same- for the people I love to be healthy and happy and to be living my life alongside them.


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