The Internet Wins Today

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There’s a lot of negative we can say about this age of immediate information, immediate communication, the now-now-now that we live in due to technology. And I agree with it a lot of the time. But not today. No, not today.

This is a picture of my friend Rosemary and her husband Mark at our apartment when they came over for coffee last December. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who likes Rosemary- people LOVE Rosemary. In fact, to say that I love her is about as original as saying the sky is blue or donuts are delicious- loving Rosemary is simply a matter of fact. She is kind, an exceedingly generous listener and time with her is like one big hug that reminds you that the world is good and good people are in it. She is the good people.

Rosemary created a blog several months after being diagnosed with ALS this winter to share her experience in this new path but also to share the love stories of her life- her husband, her children and her friends. This blog is art. It’s real and raw and honest in a way words can only be when they come directly from the heart with no filter, no ego, no edits. Just a drive to share her love and her stories.

Yesterday, a family friend who is building a Chairiot so that Rosemary can enjoy the hiking trails she loves when she is no longer able to walk started a Fundrazr page to raise money to cover labor and materials for this special project. When I donated 4 hours after the page was launched, nearly 50% of the goal had been reached. Now, only 24 hours later, double the goal has been raised. As I said before, people love this incredible woman and through the power of the interwebs and ability to immediately know what could be done to support, her community was able to put their love into action. 24 hours and people quite literally from all over the world sent hugs and love to this amazing woman. Rosemary will have her Chairiot and, more than likely, an army of people wanting to share a hike (and wine and cheese) with her.

I guess that’s the thing: when you love life as much as Rosemary does, life has a way of loving you back. Which it did. Today. Fiercely. In the form of an idea, a website and a whole lot of beautiful people.

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