Fresh Homemade Bloody Mary’s

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Cooking and eating clean, whole foods has always been a passion of mine but ever since my trip to a Michigan Farmer’s Market last month (and after making pickles!), I feel a little…obsessed with it. Like, I made pickles! I made bread! It was magic! What else do I usually buy that I could make from scratch???

Answer: Bloody Mary’s.

I love brunch. Tomatoes are in season. I own a juicer. I also love Williams-Sonoma and they’re currently in an initiative to see what fresh spins can be made to this classic cocktail. Surely I could take Bloody Mary’s to the next level for the Labor Day party we were attending. Right?

Actually…right. And beyond being delicious, they were fresh, literally summer in a glass. From market to kitchen to party, let me tell you how it all went down.

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First Green City Market Visit of the Season

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Excuse the less-than-stellar quality pictures but this morning was my first Green City Market experience of the season!

My friend Bridget sent me a text last night with the offer of yoga followed by a trip to our local, sustainable farmer’s market.  That, by definition, is my version of a perfect Saturday morning so cold weather be damned- I grabbed my yoga mat and reusable shopper and headed up to Lincoln Park.

Not much is in season yet but I did score some blue potatoes, a yellow tomato, asparagus, and a big portobello mushroom cap.

Did you even know BLUE potatoes existed?  I sure didn’t but I’m thinking roasting them with a little olive oil and rosemary is just the ticket.

Also, one farmer had the loveliest assortment of cream, blue and GREEN eggs!

Yoga and the Green City Market– I smell a Saturday morning ritual coming on…