My Work Space Essential

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When I am not traveling, I work from home and I’ve found it’s essential to have my work space set up, ready to go each day. It shifts me into “I’m going to rock today” mode and with everything I need at my fingertips, I can focus on the task(s) at hand.

And one of the things I absolutely need is a juice. I make one every morning and I find chopping up fruits and veggies is a very calming and focusing part of my morning. Plus, I really like kicking off the day by putting lots of nutrients and vitamins in my body. I usually stick to apple/carrot/beet/ginger or green juice (kale/spinach/cucumber/apple/parsley or anything else the color green in my fridge). In looking to mix it up a bit, I wandered over to my friend Caroline’s blog– she is doing a “Smoothie and Juices Week” full of recipes, giveaways and tips. I am super excited to get ideas for new combos for my juicer- mix it up a bit, right?

Do you have a juice or smoothie recipe you love? Please share!

Have a happy and healthy Tuesday, friends!