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Dusk felt really good tonight. An official closing on one hell of a fast and furious week. I’m looking forward to a weekend with zero plans outside of brunch with some girlfriends. Slowing down so I can speed back up next week.

Have a great weekend, all! Xoxo

Sunshine State of Mind

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One 8am flight out of O’Hare and a ride with a very chatty driver named Tim and I’m in Florida with my grandmother.

We had Mother’s Day dinner at the beach tonight and a beautiful sun set marked the occasion.  My intention for this trip was to get out of dodge for a few days and really slow down so I can see where I’m going so fast again.  Spending time with my grandma is works well with that- for as amazing as she is doing, her 94 years on this planet has finally affected her pace.

It’s only 4 days but my mission (and I choose to accept it):  palm trees, long talks with my grandma, vitamin D courtesy of a hot sun and being a little more still than usual.