Green City Market Love

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The Green City Market is possibly my favorite thing on the planet.  My deal with myself is that I bring a $20 and then that’s it- it’s not cheap farm fresh goods but going from vendor to vendor, sampling raspberries and cheese, smelling fresh herbs and seeing tomatoes in all colors of the rainbow is just to awesome to pass up.

Today, we met this guy:

Paul Friday, creator if Flamin’ Fury peaches.  Paul made genetic crosses of different peaches and eventually created the best peaches in the world.  I’m not kidding you- I have never tasted a peach like this before.  The name “Flamin’ Fury” is from his two red headed grandchildren…one of whom has grown up and was working alongside her grandfather this morning.  So cool!

Flamin’ Fury peaches, Green City Market, mint-infused chamomile tea, 2 puppy spottings.  Chicago summer Saturdays…it doesn’t really get any better.