UberEATS Chicago

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Yesterday was a blur. I had a new intern start (who positively rocks), I was finishing a presentation for my boss and, well, I work for a startup, every day is jammed. I knew lunch was going to mean trail mix at my desk…but then I got an email from UberEATS and lunch took a dramatic turn.

The same way you order a black car or cab from Uber, UberEATS allows you to order lunch from some really great restaurants. Lettuce Entertain You is taking it over this week so RPM Italian‘s Mediteranean Chicken was my selection and just as I can see how close my cab is, I got to watch the little car on my iPhone screen get closer and closer until my lunch arrived. It is pretty genius when you think about it- just because you need lunch on the go doesn’t mean you have to eat something packaged or take the time to run out.

Sorta related: who would have ever thought to order a salad at RPM?! My picks are always very pasta specifc but this salad was beyond good, pulled chicken with grains, cilantro and the lightest dressing. Note to self, you don’t have to carbo load at RPM.

If you want to try it, UberEATS is offering $10 off lunch this week. Open your Uber app and enter code “LETTUCEUBER” after you pick your meal and lunch will be on it’s way. If you feel like telling everyone like I did on Twitter, you can #LettuceUber and @Uber_CHI.

Bon Appetit!

{Full disclosure: Uber & Lettuce Entertain You paid for my oh-so-delicious lunch but all opinions are my own and I am sharing the $10 off so you can try the Shrimp Roll from Shaw’s tomorrow. Or the Turkey Sandwich from Summer House.)

RPM Steak Opening Party

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There are some plans I have to remind my husband of multiple times…attending the Opening Party for RPM Steak was not one of them. From the second we were invited, August 9th at 7pm was top of mind- I would imagine it had something to do with visions of steak and manhattans dancing in his head.

The new space at 60 W. Kinzie is beautiful. Huge and airy with the same sleekness RPM Italian has but toned down to highlight what’s clearly the star of the show: the steak. Chef Psaltis was on hand serving up quite the spread and while I first congratulated him on the gorgeous new restaurant, Ryan went back and congratulated him on the steak. He was wildly impressed with everything from the ribeye to the lamb chops to the skirt steak.

Me? Glass of champagne in hand, I was happy as could be…and then I made my way upstairs to what will be the private dining space and found lobster and oysters perched atop a bar made entirely of ice. Jack.pot.

Also to be noted: dessert. Mini lemon sorbet baked Alaska. Basil hazelnut cream puffs. Yes.

It was such a fun, almost interactive date night. We walked around, sampled the food, ran into some people we hadn’t seen in ages, caught up on our weeks. There’s no official opening date announced yet but a waiter told us that Bill Rancic (partial owner) told them 10 days so get ready to snag a reso- I know we can’t wait to try RPM Steak in full.