Dance (and Clean) Like No One is Watching

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This is Jimmy Pope. Jimmy Pope a friend of my husband’s from high school. We went on vacation a few years ago and this video sums up what I remember about the guy- he cleaned in the mornings and was a phenomenal dancer.

(Jimmy Pope- totally one of those names where you have the say the full thing, don’t you think?)

Ryan mentioned last night that there was this video and Jimmy Pope was shirtless and it had a lot of views. We laughed and went on with our night…and this morning when I kicked on The Today Show, there he was. And onĀ GMA. And BuzzFeed and the HuffPost and Reddit and…everywhere.

And now it’s here. Because who doesn’t need 30 seconds of a cleaning dance party to the timeless sounds of Sheena Easton? And he also coined the hashtag #WillWorkForPants which I think is hilarious.

Have joy.